Our Values

Tropical Values Integrity:

We will be ethical and trustworthy. We strive to be fair, honest, professional and open with our employees, customers and vendors, and endeavor to earn their respect.

Tropical Values Customer Satisfaction:

Our customers are our best references and our name is synonymous with excellent products and service. We expect to consistently provide a high quality product at a fair price. We are committed to the highest standards with our customers, vendors, products and services.

Tropical Values Growth and Learning:

Tropical will be a place for opportunity and growth. We will create a safe and productive environment where everyone can express their vision and fully utilize their talents. We trust our employees to clearly and efficiently communicate their ideas and goals.

Tropical Values Leadership:

We will encourage our employees to become leaders professionally and personally. We are innovators and will set standards in our industry. We will be leaders, not to be led, and Tropical will be a place where everyone can grow from good to great.