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Are you looking for some new, unique and versatile items?

Look no further, Tropical has recently brought in 3 great new items that are sure to turn your customers heads.

Goji Berries – Goji Berries are a relatively new found “superfood”.  There are many health claims that surround this product, so read up on it, many are solid claims, such as Goji Berries contain Zeaxanthin which helps in eyesight, and others are yet to be proven, but commonly accepted.  Read up on Goji Berries HERE. The Goji Berry we carry is dried and is available to wholesale businesses in 10lb bags, item number 282340. (pictured far left)

Giant Toasted Corn – Are you looking for a new snack to offer at your bar, or a unique topper for a protein in the center of the plate? Look no further. This product is a tasty snack and measures about 3/8″ x 3/8″ and is 1/4″ thick … now that is a mouthful! Giant Toasted Corn is available to wholesale businesses in a 22lb case, item number 301310. (pictured center)

Dried Strawberries – I can probably stop there.  Everyone loves Strawberries, and buying them dried adds to the portability options.  Are your customers looking for snacks to take to their desk, munch at a break or take with them on a road trip, what better snack that Dried Strawberries.  Do you serve flavored water at your restaurant or catering function? Drop in a pound of Dried Strawberries and some fresh Kiwi, your customers will keep coming back for more. Dried Strawberries are available to wholesale businesses in a 2.2lb bag or a case of 20 bags, item number 284002

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More Like Savings in the Snow #TBT

rain savings

Since we’ve been experiencing one of the longest winters here in Charlotte, NC where Tropical Foods headquarters is located; today’s “Throw Back Thursday” ad from 1989 is of course weather related. Here in Charlotte, we are wishing for warmer weather because the endless winter here in the south is not something we particularly enjoy. We send our sympathies to those who are dealing with a lot harsher winter weather (aka everywhere above the Mason-Dixon Line) then here in the Queen City, but even so here, is to wishing for warmer weather and Spring Showers just around the corner! #TBT #Wishing4Spring #NoMoreWinter #QueenCity


Tropical’s Products in Action!

salad orl

There is no better time than the present, in Florida, to enjoy a refreshing, delicious salad.

Chef Darien Roth at Florida Canteen Culinary Center in Tampa made this work of art and shared it with us.

Florida Tropical Salad


Tropical Foods’ Praline Pecans, fresh diced Mango, fresh Strawberry slices, Blue Cheese, Spinach and Baby Arugula tossed in a Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette Dressing.



Buffalo Nuts® Wings Recipe

Buffalo Nuts® WingsBlog

Buffalo Nuts® Wings

Johnson & Wales Sophomore Bella Bartha

10 minutes

10 Minutes


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A Piece of History for Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day is just 3 days away! And while we were going through some of our history, we came across this Valentine’s Day flyer from 1982! This classic hand designed flyer is promoting carob, which is a chocolate substitute, for those who have never heard of it (aka our 90’s and after age groups). Also promoted in the flyer is our snack mix Tahitian Gold, which you can still purchase, gummy bears, and orange slices and many other things. No matter what you’re getting your Valentine this year, make sure it’s from the heart, and its carob (or not) … Happy Valentine’s Day from Tropical Foods! #TBT #1982 #ValentinesDay