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Crusting Main Dishes with NUTS!

4th of july

With the 4th of July this coming Saturday, cook outs and BBQs are going to be taking place in homes all over the country. With cook outs and the BBQs come different meat, poultry, and even seafood recipes being pulled out of the recipes books. This year, dare to be adventurous with your recipes and instead of using traditional bread crumbs, how about using various nuts from Tropical Foods to crust the main dish being prepared. Here are a few ideas:

Whatever meals are being planned for your 4th of July celebrations, don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to crusting chicken, steak or even fish! Have a happy and safe 4th of July from all of us here at Tropical Foods!


Give a Little, Take a Little

For 4 weeks at the end of May and into early June, we decided to give a little.  At all of our branches, we had food drives for school kids who have nothing to eat in the summer months.  Throughout the country there are children that the schools feed daily.  Many kids on free and reduce lunch programs eat breakfast and lunch at school and very little else through the rest of the day. In the summer, without school, these kids have nothing or very little to eat.  Many school districts have programs for people and other agencies to donate food to these kids, to cover the summer months. In Charlotte, our employees put together 21 boxes of food for a local South Carolina school district.

IMG_2553     IMG_2551     IMG_2554

Today we decided to take a little, in the form of an onslaught of water balloons.  All of the directors at Tropical (who also matched the employees donations with a box of their own), took a barrage of water balloons for 15 minutes and then everyone enjoyed a trip to the ice cream truck.

water day 6          water day 4          water day 2


Fruits of Summer


Summer is rapidly approaching, and with the warming weather comes the influence of tropical flavors, especially when it comes to fruits. Dried fruits, from Tropical Foods, are a great snacking option to offer your customers. It will transport their taste buds to a tropical paradise.

Dried fruits range from sweet to sour and tangy. Goji berries have a flavor that is a cross between cherries, cranberries and raisins, with a slight bitter finish. Goji berries pair well with crunchy seeds, such as sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. Dried strawberries are another popular summer fruit, and go very well with anything from chocolate to spicy peanuts, like Buffalo Nuts. Another tropical fruit you can mix and match with different items are banana chips, either unsweetened or sweetened. They also pair well with everything from chocolate to salted peanuts. Mango slices are also a dried fruit with tastes from the tropics, and just like when they are fresh, dried mango is sweet yet slightly tangy.

The next time your customers are craving the tropics, you can offer them a variety of dried fruits and nuts to transport their taste buds ocean side right from their desk!


Time To Golf!

golf blog

It’s that time of year again, Memorial Day has past and your golf course has opened up or is now in full swing.  Over the weekend, golfers pulled out their clubs, washed them up, put on some new grips and they went through the bag and made sure they had tees, a couple fresh gloves, ball markers and of course a couple sleeves of good balls.

If anything is missing, you can expect they will be looking to your golf course to have everything they need when they arrive for their weekly summer round. Another thing your golfers will expect are snacks and beverages.  There is something about a round of golf that makes you drink (soda, water and/or adult beverage) and snack.

If your golfers are light snackers, you may be looking at a hot dog and a crunchy snack at the turn.  If they go all out, and make it a day, you can expect them to be hitting the snack bar before, after and at the turn, along with beverage and snack cart during the round.  Why not keep them moving with a clean, no mess snack that is as easy to consumer as a bottle of water?

Grabeez is the perfect golf snack. It will keep your golfers hands clean so they do not miss that birdie putt or slip and leave it a little right on the drive. Grabeez has a great variety of 15 items, many of which are non-meltable and will hold up outside in the heat of the summer.  They fit perfectly in a cup holder, or can be sealed and put in a front compartment if the cup holders are full.  Choose from good-for-you snack mixes and nuts, candies or snacks.  There is a flavor for everyone from sweet to spicy.

If you would like more information about Grabeez, check out our new website at  On the site, you will find a breakdown of the flavors, including nutritional and ingredients. You will also find a fun game, Which Grabeez Snack Mix are You?, along with some fun pictures of “Grabeez in Action”.  If you would like to talk to a rep about becoming a Grabeez retailer, you can send us a note HERE, your golfers will be happy you did!


Snack on the Spicy Side!


The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner! With the temperatures on the rise, snacker’s palates are craving spicier snacks and bolder spice profiles. At Tropical Foods, we have snack mixes that range from VERY spicy, to a more mild for those who just want to munch on a light spicy mix. Our spiciest snack mixes contain many different elements to create a versatile profile; one of the most popular hot mixes is South of the Border® snack mix. This snack mix gets its heat from a mixture of jalapeno cheddar sticks, chili lemon rounds, and salsa triangles. With these spicy elements, roasted and salted redskin peanuts and roasted and salted pumpkin seeds balance out this spicy mix. For those who don’t want as much of a spice packed snacks, but still want to kick in their snack mix, Mango Tango™ is the perfect choice. Mango Tango™is one of our most unique snack mixes with a mixture of roasted and salted cashews, coconut toffee peanuts, mango chunks, pumpkin seeds and chili & lime noodles, which is where the heat component in this snack mix comes from.  Other spicy snack mixes that can satisfy any spicy snack craving; such as Wild About Wasabi® snack mix, which features wasabi covered peas and cashews, or Cajun Harvest™ snack mix, a mixture of charrito fritos as well as Cajun seasoning. No matter if your customers want a big kick of heat, or just a slight nudge in their snack mixes, offering them snack mixes from Tropical Foods will be sure to satisfy anyone craving!