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The Raw Food Movement



The raw food movement has gained momentum over the past few years as consumers are seeking out pure, fresh foods that promote a healthier lifestyle. With health issues plaguing our country, many people have transformed their lives by adopting a raw food lifestyle.

Consumers are less inclined to view raw as associated with a brand but more about the ultimate freshness of the food.  Raw and living foods include all types of unprocessed, uncooked and usually organic foods such as raw vegetables and fruits, sprouted seeds, nuts, legumes and grains, and sometimes fish, eggs, meat, and raw dairy products. It’s believed that certain enzymes are present in the raw and uncooked foods that help in the digestion process, and that cooking destroys these enzymes. On trend with other dietary needs, many raw foods also tend to be vegan and gluten-free with minimal added sugars, fats and salt. Read the rest of this entry »


What does all natural mean on labels?


According to FDA policy, natural (and all natural) should apply to foods that do not contain added color, artificial flavors, or synthetic substances. In the most basic terms, all-natural describes products kept as close to their natural form as possible.  The all natural labeling is becoming an increasingly important buying factor to customers – with total category sales expected to exceed $252 billion by 2019 (a 64% expansion over a six-year period). Consumers are becoming more and more concerned with how our food is processed and packaged so expect to see the all natural snacking trend exceed sales expectations in the coming years.

Retailers and food distributors have noticed a shift in the last few years to all natural purchases, as sweet snacks have seen a steady decline in favor of more all natural snacks that are conveniently packaged like yogurts, nuts, and protein bars.

Tropical manufactures and distributes many all natural snacks. Here are some of our favorites:

ReCharge Snack Mixes®

  • Super Charged Cranberry Blend™
  • Dark Chocolate Energy Boost™
  • Chia ReCharged Stix Mix™
York’s Harvest® Garden Chips™
  • Vegetable Chips, Mixed
  • Green Bean Snacks
  • Okra Snacks
All-Natural Snack Mixes
  • Cinnamon Splendor®
  • Diet Delight®
  • French Quarter Blend®
  • Mexicali Fire®
  • Perfectly Fit™
  • Sweet Caroline®

NEW! Flavored Yogurt Pretzel Bags

  • Greek Yogurt Pretzels
  • Key Lime Yogurt Pretzels
  • Raspberry Yogurt Pretzels

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It’s time to start pre-orders on snacks for upcoming holidays and there are more options than ever before. Choose from candy corn and jelly beans, custom Tropical Foods mixes, gummies, hard candy, and much more. Pre-booking period ends June 3rd, so book by then for best availability.

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Gen X: America’s Most Influential Buyers

Photo Credit: Paramount Television

Generation X is the ultimate middle child when it comes to marketing. Focus is usually on the baby boomer decision makers or even more so on the fast-growing millennials. Calling Gen X the most influential generation may sound controversial, but the Yahoo study is backed by data. Gen X, comprised of 81 million adults, has the highest spending power today, controlling 31% of total income dollars in the US.

Some interesting highlights from the Yahoo study include:

Generation gap. 68% of Gen Xers think they work a lot harder than the Millennial generation.

Mobile-obsessed. 79% of Gen Xers are smartphone users, and this number is expected to reach 88% by 2018.

Brand lovers. Nearly 33% of Gen Xers consumed content posted by brands or companies on social media, and 30% are more likely to engage or click on an ad that is aimed specifically at their generation.

Word of mouth. 13.5 million Gen Xers posted ratings or reviews while 21.8 million paid attention to ratings and reviews. Nearly 8 in 10 Gen Xers researched products online in the past month.

Content engaged. Adults 35-54 consume nearly seven content topics each month on average. The most popular content topics, in ranking order, are News, Weather, Music, Food & Cooking, Sports, Health & Wellness, Technology, and Travel.

High social engagement. Nearly 80 Million Gen Xers visited a social media site last month and they spend 75% of their time consuming content and 43% sharing and reposting content created by others.

Key Takeaways:
Generation X feels like they are being neglected by advertisers, but they have the most spending power of any generation! This is a huge opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this divide and target this market directly. Consider mobile marketing, social targeting, and emotion-based advertising aimed specifically at their generation. Snacks in particular, can be very emotion-driven so build on that feeling to develop targeted promotions.
For more insights, read the full study: Gen X: America’s Most Influential Generation.



Tropical Foods reveals new packaging and branding for popular snack line




Tropical Foods is relaunching their popular line of York’s Harvest® Garden Chips™ with new branding and fresh packaging.

Garden Chips™ debuted a new logo and packaging that better evokes the healthier lifestyle of the brand. The health benefits of the product are highlighted on the front of packaging to appeal to consumers’ cravings for “better for you” snack options. For buyers, the new packaging offers some necessary specifics like a tamperproof seal and the ability for Garden Chips™ to hang on racks or lie flat or sideways on shelves.

Garden Chips™ are all-natural snack chips made from real vegetables that are then vacuum-fried and lightly seasoned with sea salt. The Garden Chips™ line includes Okra, Green Beans, and Vegetable Chips – a combination of sweet potato, taro root, squash, carrots, and green beans. Garden Chips are saturated fat and cholesterol free, with low sodium.

“Consumers are looking for healthier snack options, so Garden Chips™ have been a great growth item for us,” said Chad Hartman, director of marketing for Tropical Foods. “We’re happy to see the new branding and packaging match the innovation of the product.”

Garden Chips™ are available in resealable trays or bulk and can be found at your local grocer.

Download the fact sheet (PDF)