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Jelly Beans Fun Facts


Bet you didn’t know that National Jump for Jelly Beans Day is Thursday, July 31st! Well, we are always happy to jump for one of our favorite candies. Read on to find out the Top 7 fun facts we found out about jelly beans:   

  • Our modern-day jelly beans gained popularity during the American Civil War. A candy company in Boston began marketing jelly beans as the perfect treat to send to soldiers, and soon everyone was hooked.
  • Jelly beans were President Reagan’s favorite candy and he used them to help him quit smoking when he was the governor of California.
  • As part of Reagan’s first inauguration in 1981, 7,000 pounds of jelly beans were ordered and distributed. Jelly Belly created a new flavor, Blueberry, specifically for the inauguration.
  • In the 1910s and early 1920s, the word “jellybean” referred to a young man who put a lot of great effort in to dressing stylishly.

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New Grabeez Flavors


There are three new reasons to add even more Grabeez to your product offerings. New Grabeez flavors include The Big Cheese®, Sweet Caroline®, and Firecracker Hot & Spicy®.

The best-selling Grabeez is better than ever with new and improved packaging, including a new lid and seal. The re-sealable cup is offered in many different varieties of nuts, snack mixes and candies. Grabeez is designed to provide healthier snacking options in on-the-go portable packaging.
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Culinary Corner with Chef Dominic Towe










In October of 2012, Tropical Foods hosted the Flavors of the Fall Recipe Contest with culinary students at the Charlotte Campus of Johnson & Wales University. We’re catching up with some of the finalists to see what they are up to now. Next up is Grand Prize Winner Dominic Towe who created the recipe Mexicali Black Grouper using Tropical Foods Mexicali Fire.

Tropical Foods: What have you been up to since the Tropical Foods Flavors of Fall Recipe Contest?
Dominic Towe: “Since winning the competition, I have graduated from Johnson & Wales. I am currently working for Compass Group as the Executive Chef at Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, NC.”

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Debunking Misconceptions About Food Trends


If it seems as if every food advertisement contains a different claim about U.S eating trends, it is because they do. Many marketing tactics use generalizations that are not completely true or that take niche trends and apply them to the general population. This leaves snack sellers trying to decipher between marketing speak and actual consumer demand. Here are some common food myths we’ve all heard. Read the rest of this entry »


2014 Summer Fancy Food Show Trends


With more than 25,000 food industry insiders converging at the summer Fancy Food show, it’s always a great time to discover the newest trends and tastes. More then 180,000 products are displayed and tested at the Special Food Association’s Fancy Food Show to find the next big thing. AdAge presented the Top 10 Food Trends from the show and we are happy to see that bold flavors continue to play a huge role in new food items.

Below are some highlights. Don’t miss the chance to add corresponding Tropical items to your offerings and give your customers and best and newest flavors!

Not only are gluten-free items continuing to be a leading trend, there is even more creativity being added to these products.

Exotic Flavors
In particular, Korean flavors were a big trend at this year’s show. Flavors such as sesame, soy, garlic and spicy peppers are popping up everywhere.

Beer-Flavored Everything
Beer is a flavor no longer contained to the beverage. The show found beer cheese spreads, beer chocolate mixes, and even beer jelly beans. Tropical doesn’t offer a beer flavored nut mix YET, but you can enjoy Buffalo Nuts, which are the perfect accompaniment to your beer of choice:

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