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Snack on the Spicy Side!


The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner! With the temperatures on the rise, snacker’s palates are craving spicier snacks and bolder spice profiles. At Tropical Foods, we have snack mixes that range from VERY spicy, to a more mild for those who just want to munch on a light spicy mix. Our spiciest snack mixes contain many different elements to create a versatile profile; one of the most popular hot mixes is South of the Border® snack mix. This snack mix gets its heat from a mixture of jalapeno cheddar sticks, chili lemon rounds, and salsa triangles. With these spicy elements, roasted and salted redskin peanuts and roasted and salted pumpkin seeds balance out this spicy mix. For those who don’t want as much of a spice packed snacks, but still want to kick in their snack mix, Mango Tango™ is the perfect choice. Mango Tango™is one of our most unique snack mixes with a mixture of roasted and salted cashews, coconut toffee peanuts, mango chunks, pumpkin seeds and chili & lime noodles, which is where the heat component in this snack mix comes from.  Other spicy snack mixes that can satisfy any spicy snack craving; such as Wild About Wasabi® snack mix, which features wasabi covered peas and cashews, or Cajun Harvest™ snack mix, a mixture of charrito fritos as well as Cajun seasoning. No matter if your customers want a big kick of heat, or just a slight nudge in their snack mixes, offering them snack mixes from Tropical Foods will be sure to satisfy anyone craving!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers day

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, do you have a gift for your mother? Mother’s Day is the time for breakfasts in bed, or cards with chocolate; so what do you get for the mom who doesn’t like chocolate or sweets? There are some great alternatives offered here at Tropical Food’s to provide your customers with a healthy gift for any mother this Mother’s Day!

One great alternative gift option are snack mixes. Tropical Food’s offers a wide variety of hand blended snack mixes that range from the traditional trail mix style, to the adventurous unique snack mixes we have perfected over the years. For your customers who want a simple trail mix snack mix, Diet Delight snack mix or Perfectly Fit snack mix are the perfect snack mix to give as a gift! For those who want to take a walk on the wild side, Mango Tango snack mix or Wild about Wasabi snack mix is the perfect gift option to offer your customers.

If snack mixes aren’t the right gift, then dried fruit or nuts and seeds are the perfect gift also! Any type of dried fruit makes for a perfect snack at any time of the day and can be added to numerous recipes or dishes so your mom can utilize her gift in a variety of different ways. All of our nuts and seeds are the perfect gift for those who want to have a crunchy and healthier snack!

No matter what gift your customers are looking for to give their mother on her special day, turn to Tropical Food’s for your gift options this Mother’s Day!


What Grabeez Snack Mix Are You?


Purchase These Snacks Before Your Next Run
SnacksRunBlogImage Credit: Getty Images

The 2015 Boston Marathon is happening RIGHT NOW with some of the most elite runners in the world. Let’s cheer on these competitors and let them motivate us for our own daily runs. Today we break down some of our favorite food snacks to fuel your run, whether you’re running 1 mile or 100.

BANANAS. Although not the easiest food to carry on a run, bananas offer almost 30 grams of fast-digesting carbs and may reduce muscle soreness. Also remember that the riper the fruit, the simpler its sugars which means it’ll be absorbed into the bloodstream faster.

DRIED FRUIT. Dried cranberries, cherries, dates, or apples all make for great long-run treats. Dried dates and cherries are especially popular with energizing carbs and high fiber.

WATERMELON. Freeze your watermelon for some easy to carry, refreshing hydration along with necessary carbs and potassium. Sprinkle your fruit with some sea salt for added sodium.

SALTED PRETZELS. Pretzels are typically a barely-processed snack that are easy to store with a good amount of sodium and carbs.

GUMMY BEARS. Crazy we know, but gummy bears are actually not the worst idea for a snack on the run. Lots of sugar and barely any fat or fiber to slow the absorption.

You can order a lot of these snacks HERE and BROWSE for some extras to treat yourself for your hard work!


Product Spotlight – Grabeez

This week brought the unofficial start of spring: Opening Day for your favorite baseball teams. From MLB to Triple-A, baseball is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening. Our product spotlight this month, Grabeez, are the ideal snack to enjoy at any baseball outing. Here are the top 5 reasons why Grabeez rock:

  1. Portable and Convenient – Throw a few flavor combos in your bag to easily please all taste buds.
  2. Newly Redesigned Lid – No pressure to eat the whole thing. Enjoy a few handfuls, reseal, and save the rest for later.
  3. Eye-catching Design – With clear packaging, you can see exactly what each mix is made of.
  4. Baseball Ready – They fit perfectly in cup holders to make snacking even easier when you’re cheering for the home team.
  5. New Flavors -Choose from three of our newest family members: Sweet Caroline®, The Big Cheese®, and Firecracker Hot & Spicy®.

Let’s play ball! Contact your Tropical Sales Rep to add more Grabeez to your product line.