snack mix 180x180 dried fruit 180x180 nuts seeds 180x180
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We have manufactured fresh, high quality snack mixes for over 35 years. Our mixes are blended fresh daily. Choose from over 60 different unique blends
Choose from over 45 different dried fruits. choose from Kiwi, Crystallized Ginger and Mango. We also blend 3 different dried fruit blends
Our nuts are roasted daily at one of our two production facilities. Most of our selection is available raw, roasted and roasted & salted
Grabeez 180x180 buffalo nuts 180x180 snack bags180x180
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A selection of resealable cups, perfect for any cup holder. This line contains 15 items, ranging from healthy snack mixes to gummy bears
Peanuts with a kick of zesty buffalo wing flavor
Tropical’s own snack bag, filled with over 50 varieties of snacks, dried fruit, candy, nuts and snack mixes
DipDevour_180 ReCharge Mixes cubes 180x180
more info dip and devour recharge mixes 180 cubes 180
This product creates a great display facing on your shelf from any angle. your customer will rave about how easy it is to use and the great taste.
A line of Natural snack mixes, produced with ingredients that are enhanced with Probiotics, Omega-3, Pomegranate seed oil, and Chia seeds. They also contain antioxidants
A great selection of snacks in a high product visibility package. Choose from snack mixes, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, snack and candy & confections
energy and nutrition bars 180x180 snacks 180x180 jelly beans 180x180
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We carry over 80 energy and nutrition bars from over 10 different brands, including Power Bar, KIND, Clif and thinkThin
We have over 65 snacks and chips, from Jack Links to Walker Shortbread Cookies. Also, don’t miss our wide variety of GLUTEN FREE snacks
Over 80 sku’s, including 50+ from Jelly Belly and 24 from Marich. Both bulk and retail packages available
sur bags 180x180 artisan creations180x180
sur 180 garden chips 180w artisan creations 180
Following the trends of snacking and convenience, Tropical has over 30 different stand-up resealable bags in a number of distinctly different lines containing our top selling snack mixes
Garden Chips are a crunchy, delicious snack chip made from real vegetables. They are vacuum fried, lightly seasoned with sea salt and all natural Color your taste buds with the flavors of Tropical’s Artisan Creations. A carefully selected blend of nuts, seeds, special treats and spices to create a taste you will remember
bulk unwrapped candy180x180 bulk gummy candy 180x180 bulk unwrapped chocolate and yogurt180x180
bulk unwrapped candy 180 gummy candy 180 choc yog 180
Over 100 bulk unwrapped candies to choose from including maple nut goodies for your bulk rack, gum for your gumball machines or rock candy swizzle sticks to stir your coffee
Choose from over 50 gummy candies including gummy centipedes and techno bears, along with timeless favorites, gummy bears and sour patch kids
Purple Chocolate Gems, Chocolate Malt Balls, Truffles or Yogurt Pretzels, we are your source for bulk chocolates and yogurt for any event
bulk wrapped candy180x180 pops180x180 gourmet chocolate180x180
bulk wrapped candy 180 mints gum pops 180 retail gourmet chocolate 180
Nearly 70 different bulk wrapped candies, from chocolate sports balls and fun size candy bars to classic Mary Janes and mints
If you are looking for mints, pops or gum for your retail location, we have you covered. Choose from Altoids, Mentos and Dentyne, or Whirley and unicorn pops, just to name a few
Your stop for gourmet chocolate, we carry all the top brands, including Lindt, Ghirardelli, Toblerone, Brookside and Marich
theater box180x180 chocolate decorations180x180 Specialty & Pastry 180x180
theater box 180 choc decorations 180 specialty pastry 180
Whoppers theater boxes, Airheads, Snickers bars, Pop Rocks or Nerd Ropes, we have it all. Choose from over 120 different packaged candy options
Choose from pastry shells and a full ensemble of chocolate shavings, curls, cups and decorations, along with baking chocolates to fill all of your needs
Among many other items, your source for Key West Lime Juice, specialty olives, roasted red peppers, Red Hot piping bags and malted milk powder
snack treasures 180x180 gift basket180x180 spices180x180
snack treasures 180 gift baskets 180 spices foodservice 180
Snack Treasures are 5 different gable boxes containing Berry Good snack mix, Cashews, Pistachios, Key Lime Cookies and Deluxe Mixed Nuts. Perfect for gift shops, in-room refreshment or sundries shops
Do you need a gift basket for your employees, as corporate gifts or the re-sell? We have many stock designs and can custom make baskets for special needs
Tropical has a number of foodservice packed spices in a number of different packages. Choose from shakers, classic packs and bulk boxes. Also, your source for vanilla beans and extract
display racks180x180 Monin Syrups, Smoothies & Sauces 180x180 sugar free180x180
display racks 180 monin 180 Sugar Free 180
Tropical has racks that are provided with ongoing product purchases, including bulk racks, spinner clip racks and specially made Grabeez racks
Whether you need coffee stir-ins, a quick smoothie mix, a chocolate sauce for a dessert or a fruit puree for a recipe, we have a wide selection to fit your needs
Check out our selection of sugar free gourmet chocolates, sugar free bulk chocolate, Jelly Bellys and gummy candy. 19 different items to choose from