Christille Bay – Snack Trays
CBLogo Christille Bay Information Sheet

Christille Bay is a unique line of trays that offers a variety of snacks within one convenient package. The line features five trays with four different products within each compartment. Christille Bay has a snack to suit everyone’s taste and are made from the freshest, finest ingredients. Your family and friends can enjoy the magic of Christille Bay, inspired by the inhabitants of a small village who have never forogtten the joy of sharing or the meaningful gesture of a simple gift.

880000  Fruit Fantastic  12/16.5oz trays

880001  The Original 12/12oz trays

880002  Sweet Play 12/13.5oz trays

880003  Wasabi Kick 12/11.25oz trays

880004  Zesty Fire 12/11.25oz trays

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