Snack Mixes: Product Specs

Ah! Soy (R)                                                                            Banana Split (R)

Bartender’s Blend                                                                Berry Good (TM)

Berry Natural                                                                       The Big Cheese (R)

Blueberry Thrill                                                                  Cajun Harvest

California Mix (TM)                                                           California Natural

Candyland                                                                             Capitol Crunch

Capitol Mix II                                                                      Checkmate

Cinnamon Splendor (TM) (Natural)                           Continental Blend

Convention Mix                                                                  Country Club

Diet Delight (R) (Natural)                                                Festival Mix

Fiber First                                                                              Firecracker (TM)

French Quarter Blend (TM) (Natural)                         Go Bananas

Gold Nugget Crunch                                                           Hawaiian Mix

Heartland                                                                                Hi Energy Mix

Imperial Mixed Fruit                                                         Kona Coffee Krunch

Mango Tango                                                                         Mexicali Fire (R) (Natural)

Mulligan Mix                                                                          Neapolitan Mix

Oriental Delight (R)                                                             Oriental Delight (R) (Natural)

Perfectly Fit                                                                            P B & J Mix

Poppin’ Nut Crunch                                                              Rise N Shine

Salty Dog                                                                                   Sesame Nut Mix (Natural)

Sienna Cream Crunch (TM) (Natural)                            South of the Border (R)

Student Food (R) (Natural)                                                Sunburst (TM)

Sweet Caroline (R) (Natural)                                             Sweet Heat (TM)

Sweet & Nutty                                                                          Sweet & Salty

Sweet Tooth (TM)                                                                   Tahitian Gold

Trail Mix (Natural)                                                                 Wild About Wasabi

Yogurt Ambrosia (TM)


Mixed Nuts with Peanuts R/S                                           Mixed Nuts with Peanuts RNS

Select Mixed Nuts R/S                                                         Select Mixed Nuts RNS

Five Star Nut Mix R/S                                                          Mixed Nuts, Imperial Macadamia, R/S

Deluxe Mixed Nuts R/S                                                        Deluxe Mixed Nuts RNS

Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts