2018 Commodity Market: Cashews

October 12, 2018


Has seen the fastest growth of the four tree nuts.

Grown in:

India, Vietnam, Brazil, West and East Africa

Harvested in:

India and Vietnam: March to June
Brazil: November to February
West Africa: February and March
East Africa: October to December


Price projections remain firm.

Specifics on 2018 Cashew Crop:

    • The worst drought to hit Vietnam in a century has reduced the size of the country’s cashew harvest. Vietnam is the world’s largest cashew exporter, and this crop reduction has pushed domestic prices to an all-time high.
    • A severe El Niño weather phenomenon this year has also affected cashew producers in both Asia and Africa, while West African producers had to deal with unusually strong Harmattan winds from the Sahara.


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