2018 Commodity Market: Pistachios

September 17, 2018


Grown in:

The United States is generally the second-leading producer and exporter of pistachios behind Iran, providing 24 percent of the world total.

Harvested in:

September and October

New crop:

Expectations are for a 900 million pound crop. Two new varieties, Gold Hills and Lost Hills were harvested early, the last week in August.


Initial shipments of new crop will be at higher prices, but prices should be attractive after that.

Specifics on 2018 Pistachio Crop:

    • What started off as a potentially disastrous year for the pistachio industry is now shaping up to potentially be one of the largest crops ever for California growers.
    • Global pistachio shipments have been very large.
    • The lack of carry in puts extra pressure on initial shipments of the upcoming crop.
    • The Iranian crop will be lighter this year.
    • Crop quality looks good thus far and in shell sizing is normal.

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