2019 Best Selling Snacks

December 18, 2019

It’s nearing the end of the year and it’s been a great, successful 2019 over here at Tropical Foods. Thanks to our wonderful customers who have made this one of our best years yet with even bigger things to come in 2020. To celebrate the end of the year, we’re sharing the Top 10 lists of our best selling products by industry. If you don’t carry these products yet, now is the time!


  1. Pecan Pieces, bulk
  2. Organic Walnuts, bulk
  3. Almonds, bulk
  4. Walnut Halves, bulk
  5. Cashews, bulk
  6. Pumpkin Seeds, resealable cubes
  7. Dark Chocolate Energy Boost™, bulk
  8. Oat Bran Sesame Sticks, bulk
  9. Milk Chocolate Almonds, bulk
  10. Super Charged Cranberry Blend™, bulk

Travel & Leisure

  1. Wild About Wasabi®, bulk
  2. Neapolitan Mix, bulk
  3. In-Shell Peanuts, bags
  4. Fruit Bowl, trEAT4u 1oz bags
  5. The Big Cheese®, bulk
  6. M&M’s Plain Mini Baking Bits, bulk
  7. Wint O Green Lifesavers
  8. Chia ReCharged Stix Mix™, bulk
  9. Blueberry Thrill™, bulk
  10. Cajun Harvest™, bulk


  1. Hershey Hodge-Podge, bulk
  2. Gummy Bears, Grabeez® cups
  3. BoomChickaPop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn
  4. Cashews, snack bags
  5. Sunburst™, Grabeez® cups
  6. Sweet Caroline®, Grabeez® cups
  7. Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips
  8. Healthy Trails Mix™, Grabeez® cups
  9. Sour Neon Worms, Grabeez® cups
  10. Banana Split®, Grabeez® cups

Business & Industry

  1. M&Ms, bulk
  2. Mixed Nuts with Peanuts, bulk
  3. Perfectly Fit, bulk
  4. Deluxe Mixed Nuts, bulk
  5. Cashews, bulk
  6. Sunburst™, bulk
  7. Assorted Jelly Beans, bulk
  8. California Mix™, bulk
  9. Mixed Nuts with Peanuts, mini snack bags
  10. Dark Chocolate Energy Boost™, bulk

Colleges & Universities

  1. Sour Neon Worms, Grabeez cups
  2. Gummy Bears, Grabeez cups
  3. Pirate’s Booty White Cheddar Popcorn
  4. BoomChickaPop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn
  5. Awake Caramel Chocolate Bars
  6. Mini Chocolate Pretzels, Grabeez cups
  7. Monin Caramel Sauce
  8. Wild Fruit Gummy Bears, bulk
  9. Sunburst™, bulk
  10. Mini Yogurt Pretzels, Grabeez cups

Full Service Restaurants

  1. Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks
  2. Shelled Pistachios, bulk
  3. Pecan Pieces, bulk
  4. Pumpkin Seeds, bulk
  5. Sliced Almonds, bulk
  6. Golden Raisins, bulk
  7. Celebration Mix™, bulk
  8. Walnut Halves, bulk
  9. Cashews, bulk
  10. Cocoa Gems, bulk


  1. Sweet Heat™, bulk
  2. Deluxe Mixed Nuts, bulk
  3. Pecan Halves, bulk
  4. Glitterati Mints
  5. KIND Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Plus Bars
  6. Hickory Smoked Almonds, bulk
  7. Bartender’s Blend™, bulk
  8. Wild About Wasabi®, bulk
  9. Happy Hour Mix™, bulk
  10. Mixed Nuts with Peanuts, bulk


  1. Pumpkin Seeds, bulk
  2. Pine Nuts, bulk
  3. Pecan Pieces, bulk
  4. White Figs, bulk
  5. Dried Cranberries, bulk
  6. Hickory Smoked Almonds, bulk
  7. Walnut Pieces, bulk
  8. Date Pieces with Oat Flour, bulk
  9. Assorted Sprinkles, bulk
  10. Blueberry Thrill™, bulk

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