A Bit of Tropical Nut & Fruit History

September 16, 2015

We found a little slice of history today, here is a look into the past of some items that were commonly used at Tropical Foods in the late 1970s, early 1980s. A product catalog from 1979 to original label stamps used to mark bulk boxes. Here is a list of what is in the frame:

Right side

  1. Gerald York’s, Founder of Tropical Foods, Personal Business Card
  2. Original Headquarters Office Floor Plan
  3. North Carolina Seal of a Corporation, 1977
  4. Original Rubber Stamp to label bulk boxes, “Rainbow Medley, 25 lbs.”
  5. Tropical Foods Bulk Natural Food List, 1977-1978
  6. Fall /Winter Catalog
  7. Item Comparison Price List
  8. Summer/Fall Catalog
  9. North Carolina Seal of a Corporation, 1977


Left Side

  1. North Carolina Seal of a Corporation, 1977
  2. Tropical Foods Catalog, 1980
  3. Metal Die for Original Tropical Logo
  4. Metal Parrot
  5. Tropical Foods Catalog, 1979
  6. Item Comparison Price List
  7. Tropical Inspired T-shirt
  8. The Story of Nuts
  9. Profit Calculator
  10. North Carolina Seal of a Corporation, 1977

case inside the office

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