A Brief History of Tropical Foods

February 6, 2015


Tropical Foods History

1977: Tropical Nut & Fruit was opened in Orlando, FL and in Charlotte, NC later that year

1980: Tropical moved its Charlotte office

1983: Tropical opened its distribution center in Memphis, TN

1985: Tropical opened its distribution center in Atlanta, GA

1996: In the Fall, Tropical opened its new corporate manufacturing and distribution headquarters in Charlotte, NC

2003: In June, Tropical became a majority woman owned business

2004: In June, Tropical opened its distribution center in Dallas, TX

2005: Feb 7, Grabeez test market began in Washington DC and subsequent product launch

2007: In March, the Buffalo Nuts product launched

2011: In April, Tropical Nut & Fruit, Charlotte, NC, bought the other half of the Orlando, FL operation and added it to its extensive distribution network, joining Charlotte, NC; Memphis, TN; Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; and Dallas, TX.

2011: In September, the ReCharge product launched

2013: In October, the Dip & Devour product launched

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