August 31 is National Trail Mix Day

August 27, 2012

National Trail Mix Day is August 31, so consider celebrating by choosing some of the delicious and healthy snacks offered by Tropical Foods. Trail mixes offer an almost infinite variety of tasty food components, the most common being nuts, seeds and dried fruit pieces. Tropical Foods offers over sixty different snack products that are hand assembled from the finest ingredients.

Our selection of snack mixes offer old favorites such as the standard fruit and nut mix, and the tropical mix. Those seeking a flavor adventure will enjoy our artisan mixes that tempt the taste buds with flavors such as wasabi, kona coffee krunch and peanut butter and jelly.

The pioneers and nomads of the past knew the value of trail mix. Now a favorite snack of hikers and other people on-the-go, trail mix offers a lot of nutritional value in a packages snack.   Nuts and seeds form the base of trail mixes for a reason: They provide an excellent balance of protein, fat and fiber. Different kinds will offer the benefits of many antioxidants and phytonutrients. Adding dried fruits to mixes adds vitamins and taste appeal in the form of a savory/sweet contrast. Some people like a small bit of chocolate candy, so we offer a dark chocolate candy in some of our mixes. Dark chocolate has nutrients that help protect the heart.

Busy people that workout know the value of having access to a readily available snack.  Trail mix is also offered in Grabeez, a re-sealable cup ideal for snacking options on the go. In order for maximum fat burning to occur, the body needs for its energy stocks to be replenished after an intense session. The ideal time for consumption is thirty minutes after the workout. Most people cannot cook or obtain an appropriate meal that quickly, so a nut and fruit trail mix makes an ideal food choice. The fruit provides the simple carbohydrates that the body will make use of immediately. The proteins aid in muscle building and the other nutrients maintain proper metabolic activity.

There are lots of snack mixes to choose from in today’s market. Trail mix offers a healthy and nutritive alternative to calorie dense—but nutrition poor—choices such as potato chips and snack cakes. In the war against obesity, people are becoming more mindful of their snack choices.

Enjoy National Trail Mix Day on August 31 and smile because you’re celebrating good health.

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