What are your industry’s best-selling baking & pastry items?

February 21, 2014

Interested in what baking and pastry items are selling best in your industry? Take a look below at Tropical’s top-selling items in this category and contact your Tropical Sales Rep HERE to add these best-sellers to your product offerings.

Specialty Retail:
1. Assorted Sprinkles
2. Cocoa Drops
3. Chocolate Sprinkles
4. Milk Chocolate Bars
5. Oreo Pieces

1. Chocolate Drops
2. Cocoa Drops
3. Mikado Dark w/White Decorations
4. Chocolate Liquor Wafers
5. White Chocolate Chunks

LSR (Limited Service Restaurants):
1. Chopped Butterfingers
2. Gibrator Chocolate Baking Chunks (60% Cocoa)
3. Rainbow Non-Pariels
4. Burgundy Chocolate Baking Chunks (47% Cocoa)
5. Chocolate Sauce

Travel & Leisure:
1. Assorted Sprinkles
2. White Coating Caps
3. White Drops
4. Gerken Aristocrat Cocoa
5. Peanut Butter Chips

1. Assorted Sprinkles
2. White Coating Caps
3. Chopped Butterfingers
4. Milk Chocolate Caps
5. Chopped Snickers

Tags: baking & pastry, chocolate

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