Best Selling Dried Fruit

August 19, 2019

With a selection of over 45 dried fruits, we have something for everyone. Dried fruits generally contain more fiber than the same-sized serving of their fresh counterparts. They have no fat, cholesterol or sodium and can help to sweeten blander food without adding refined sugars. Dried fruits also have a long shelf life (up to 12 months) and take up little shelf space.

We’re counting down the top 10 best selling dried fruits from Tropical Foods:

  1. Dried Cherries, 10lb bulk
  2. Dried Cranberries, 25lb bulk
  3. Turkish Apricots, 28lb bulk
  4. Banana Chips, 14lb bulk
  5. Golden Raisins, 30lb bulk
  6. Black Mission Figs, 30lb bulk
  7. Dried Blueberries, 10lb bulk
  8. Diced Apricots, 28lb bulk
  9. Diced Pineapple, 11lb bulk
  10. Diced Date Pieces, 30lb bulk

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