Best-Selling Snack Bags

June 16, 2016

Tropical Foods snack bags are one of our most popular items that are a perfect fit for many of our industry partners. They are available in a large variety of snack mixes, nuts, and candy. The smaller packaging is perfect for an afternoon snack and easy to throw in your purse or briefcase. Tropical’s current top 10 selling snack bags are:

  1. Hi Energy™, 12/3.5 oz bags
  2. Almonds, Whole Raw, 12/3.0 oz bags
  3. Cashews, Whole Roasted Salted, 12/2.5 oz bags
  4. Pistachios, Natural 12/2.5 oz bags
  5. Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Roasted Salted, 12/3 oz bags
  6. Mixed Nuts w/Peanuts Roasted Salted, 12/3 oz bags
  7. California Mix™, 12/3.5 oz bags
  8. Sunburst™, 12/3.5 oz bags
  9. Chocolate Peanuts, 12/4 oz bags
  10. Gummy Bears, 12/4 oz bags
  11. Diet Delight®, 12/3.5 oz bags
  12. Berry Good™, 12/3 oz bags
  13. Yogurt Pretzels, 12/2.5 oz bags

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