Celebrate National Pistachio Day

February 25, 2011

Known as National Pistachio Day, February 26th might not be an official holiday, but to pistachio lovers, it’s a day to celebrate the history and health benefits of the nut.

Pistachio trees are native to the Middle East, with California being the major U.S. producer.  “Most people aren’t aware that pistachios grow on trees which take 7-10 years to mature,” explained Chad Hartman, Brand Manager for Tropical Foods.

During the observance of National Pistachio Day, it is believed that individuals who stand among pistachio trees and hear the shells snapping open will have prosperity, good luck and fortune.

In addition to standing among pistachio trees, observers of National Pistachio Day are often found indulging in pistachios and taking advantage of the health benefits. Pistachios are low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

“From improved cardiovascular health to maintaining vision, pistachios contain a variety of nutrients and health benefits not always found in other nuts, “ said Hartman.

Tropical Foods offers many different options to help get your pistachio fix.  Pistachios are available in convenient snack bags and resealable trays, while the Snack Treasures line gives the snack a gourmet touch. Pistachio Berry Blend mix is the perfect healthy mix of sweet and salty. Natural, shelled and red pistachios are also available in bulk.

Along with eating pistachios whole, celebrate National Pistachio Day with some recipes featuring pistachios. Start the day with Pistachio Scones, sprinkle some on your lunch with California-Style Pistachio Salad and finish the day with Pistachio Chicken.

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