Consumers Want Spicy and Bold Snacks

March 20, 2013

According to a recent report, there is a decided growth trend towards bolder, more flavorful snack mixes. Consumers have become accustomed to ethnically inspired cuisines that tend toward complex flavor combinations. This taste for spicy fare has apparently spilled over into the snack food category.

Offering bolder, unusual flavor combinations and fun textures continues to keep consumers engaged and indulged. In recent years, people’s taste buds have become bolder, and younger consumers are expected to look for spicier and more ethnic flavors in their snacks and snack mixes.

Consumers always want flavors they know and they will enjoy. Tropical Foods,  a leading distributor in bulk snacks and wholesale nuts, already has many products on the market to entice consumer palates. Below is a list of savory snack mixes offered by Tropical Foods. The company provides all products in bulk format starting at a pound so they are perfect for large gatherings, social events, and restaurants. Their variety of bulk nuts, candies, and specialty foods are also geared towards the needs within Healthcare, Education and Travel & Leisure channels.

Festival Mix

This snack mix is a crunchy alternative to boring potato chips that features pretzels and roasted peanuts coated in a special blend of spices. Cajun corn and Taco sesame sticks round out this boldly flavored mix.

Firecracker Hot & Spicy

This mix combines the right amount of spices with hearty ingredients to produce a moderately spicy yet bold taste sensation. Firecracker Hot & Spicy is a complex blend of seeds, nuts, and legumes sprinkled with party standard favorites like Taco sesame sticks and Charrito Fritos. The healthy peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and almonds found in this snack mix enables one to indulge without feeling a twinge of guilt.

Mango Tango

A snack mix that will mentally transport one to tropical locales with its mix of sweet mango, smooth coconut, and peppery chili and lime noodles. Peanuts, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds only add to the complex flavors found in this artistically crafted snack mix.

Mexicali Fire

A consumer favorite. Mexicali Fire is a crunchy, firecracker of a snack that features a jalapeno cheddar and onion blend for a unique burst of flavor. This snack has the right taste and texture to be a hit with many consumers. The Cajun corn sticks and the seasoned blend of nuts and seeds offer snackers an ample spicy taste experience.

South of the Border

This snack mix offers a unique alternative to conventional salsa and chips. It  blends the smoky heat of jalapeno cheddar sticks, fresh tasting salsa, and the tang of lemon for an uncommon flavorful treat.

Sweet Heat

This is an exceptional snack mix that combines the sweetness of butter toffee and honey roasted peanuts with an overload of spicy flavor combinations of Cajun and Nacho.

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