Could Cold Weather in Turkey Hurt the Hazelnut Industry?

September 9, 2014

With the weather in Turkey being abnormally cold with harsh frosts, the normally lucrative Hazelnut industry may stand to take a very hard hit.With Turkey being the majority provider of hazelnuts worldwide at 70%, many industries that utilize hazelnuts are scrambling to stock up before it’s too late. While this is a devastating situation for Turkey, it may present a new opportunity for many domestic Hazelnut growers in the US. Those who are considering the option of purchasing domestically are setting their sights on Oregon. Oregon produces 99% of the nation’s hazelnuts. The fate of the Turkish hazelnut crops is still unclear, but the option for Oregon could be an amazing opportunity.

Read the full article here- Hazelnut News

Tags: hazelnuts, Industry News, Nut News

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