Customers’ Favorite Tropical Snacks

November 30, 2017

This year, we celebrated 40 years as a company.  From our beginnings as a small bulk natural food supplier to our retail offerings, we have gone through many changes over the past four decades. One of the things that has remained consistent is our dedication to the freshest products with the boldest flavors. We recently asked our customers what their favorite Tropical snacks are and thought we’d share a few of their answers:


Providence Hospital

My favorite Tropical Foods snack is Praline Nut Mix. I love the variety of nuts with a little sweet.


Hotel Indigo

Sweet Heat.  I love the flavor, crunch and heat.


Mercy Hospital

Sour fruit slices- Very good and I haven’t seen them anywhere else.


Omni Nashville Hotel

Sweet & Salty. Gives me the boost needed to get through a tough day.


St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital

I’ve been a Tropical customer since the mid-80’s in Charlotte, NC so it would be hard to narrow that down to a favorite, however I love spicy. Therefore Wild about Wasabi, The Big Cheese and many other of your bold mixes are excellent!


Hyland Golf Club

Grabeez. They are delicious and great snacks for golfers.



St. Vincent’s St. Clair

My favorite Tropical Foods snack is the gummy bears! They are absolutely delicious and irresistible! I like to get the gummy bears in the cube so they can last me all day and I have enough to share with my friends and co-workers. Plus it’s fun to mix and match the flavors.


Renaissance Legacy West

The chocolate covered espresso beans! Coffee is a lifeline to me:)  You just truly nailed the combination of quality chocolate and coffee beans. It is without question my favorite snack and you all are the best vendor to source it from!



Grabeez Banana Split! It’s a great mix to satisfy my hunger and help as an in-between meal snack!


Bob and Daughter Market

I love Wild about Wasabi because it is an awesome mix. The cashews and almonds go so well with the wasabi peas.


Santa Rosa Medical Center

The blueberry yogurt  pretzels are my favorite because they are super duper yummy and they are still kind of good for you. They are a great seller in my cafe, as are the key lime ones!


Seasons Culinary Services

Buffalo Nuts are my all time favorite. They are seasoned to perfection.


Cookeville Regional Medical Center

I love the Dark Energy Boost and the Super Charged Cranberry Mixes. The mixes fix my chocolate craving without all the guilt.


The Ritz-Carlton, Naples

Mango Tango is my favorite. Delicious with great packaging. It’s an awesome Florida treat that’s an easy sell for all my baskets.


The Naked Tart

We like your veggie cubes. It is hard to find a healthy snack that contains Taro root.


Guckenheimer at Google

The Five Star Nut Mix is extremely popular for us. We go through so much of that!



The Big Cheese is my favorite Tropical Foods snack because it’s crunchy with just a hint of spiciness.


Baptist South

I love the sweet and salty mixes. It brings back the kid inside of me when I eat the chocolate as I love M&M’s and have since I was a child. But, I love all the products because they are consistent and always fresh!


Orlando Health Central

I have a lot of favorites but the top one is Praline Nut Mix. I like it because I can eat it on my yogurt in the morning or ice cream at night, or an afternoon snack by itself.



Buffalo Nuts- I love spicy foods and this snack has just the right amount of kick.


AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

The Firecracker Hot & Spicy Mix – goes great w/ a cold beer!!


UF Health

I love the Grabeez, all flavors! Resealable containers, huge variety of snack mixes, and they are always fresh!


Bon Appetit

Grabeez mini chocolate pretzels….. they are addictive. Also Buffalo Nuts, great game day snack.

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