A Day in the Life of a Territory Manager

December 22, 2017

Get a sneak peek into a Day in the Life of two of our Territory Managers – Stefanie & Dee.

My phone is definitely an extension of my body most days. I wake up at 4am and check to see what orders have come in. We, as  territory managers, are working 24/7. I’m constantly thinking of new business, ideas for current customers and how to sell our new products.

You’ve gotta start the day off right and get prepared for a busy day. Daily, we reference and use order guides, daily schedules, price  lists,  catalogs, etc. We are also always preparing product samples for customers.

The back of Dee’s car. Uses a cooler for products and packs the car full of marketing flyers, catalogs with business cards.

Beyond customer visits, TM’s have to do presentations, tastings, samplings, events. This event was on the campus of Auburn University when they have vendors come in to represent their brands..

We’re always thinking of merchandising and what we can offer our customers to highlight our snacks.

This is a customer location visit at a Eurest B&I account – it’s so important to maintain personal relationships with customers so you can understand their needs in order to recommend the right products.

Sometimes you have to bribe a customer. This one was for one of my biggest hotel properties in which my contact as moving to a new job. It gave me a chance to give the chef a proper sendoff and meet with my new contact there.

I always keep handy documents on my phone that I’ll need throughout the day. These could include spreadsheets on products with nutritional info, highlighted items, holiday flyers, projections, anything that is easy for me to email quickly


And finally, when you have those stressful moments when you just need to scream. Have your moment and then get back to work!

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