Going on Vacation? Don’t forget the snacks!

July 22, 2015

Summer is the time for family vacations, beach getaways, and traveling to see new and interesting places. Tropical Foods has many different snacking choices that you can offer your customers to keep them full during their upcoming travels!

Whether your customers are taking a plane or a car to their vacation destination, nuts are a perfect snack. Nuts are not only extremely portable, but also are a healthy snack opposed to unhealthier options like potato chips or candy. Some of the crunchiest nuts to munch on are almonds, macadamia nuts, and cashews. At Tropical Foods, we offer cashews and almonds in many different varieties from honey roasted cashews and almonds to smoked almonds. Another great nut to have as a snack are peanuts and pecans. Pecans and peanuts can be eaten raw or with various flavors and coatings like cinnamon pecans or bourbon praline pecans; peanuts also come in a variety of flavors and styles like butter toffee peanuts and Buffalo Nuts. Nuts are a great snack because they are portable, versatile, and also nutritious!

Another good snack for your customer to take on their summer travels is dried fruit. Dried fruits not only range in flavor profiles and textures, but a half a cup of dried fruit is equivalent to one cup of fresh fruit! Tropical dried fruits, such as mango slices, banana chips or diced pineapple pack a punch of sweet tropical influences with a slight hint of sour/tang as well. Other delicious dried fruits are dried apples, raisins, and cherries!

A few helpful tips to remind your customers while they are embarking on their travels (especially if they are traveling by airplane) are that food IS allowed through airport security as long as:

1. They are in a wrapped container or sealed package.

2. They must go through the X-Ray machine.

3. Foods like fruits or veggies that come in a “natural” package do NOT need to be wrapped or in a seal container UNLESS it is partially eaten.

If your customers are going to be adventuring out into nature (such as camping, hiking, etc), make sure that you have a container that seals COMPLETELY to ensure that your snacks do not attract animals or bugs. Lastly, encourage your customers to experiment with flavors and textures by combining different nuts, seeds, and dried fruit! Whatever their snacking desires are, Tropical Foods has options for all of your customers to stock up for their upcoming summer adventures!

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