How did the mixes get their names?

November 11, 2015

It’s time for a few more stories from Carolyn Bennett about just how a few of our snack mixes were created and named.

Chad:  “Is there a story behind the Continental Blend™?”

Carolyn: “I don’t remember that one, I don’t think I created it. Well, I do know that at one time some mixes, for example California Mix were named to specifically describe where a lot of the mix elements were from, California.  What all is in that mix exactly?”

Chad: “Sesame Sticks, Rice Snacks, Hickory Smoked Almonds, and Nacho Peanuts. So not really any particular flavor profile…”

Carolyn: “Oh, it was because of our road name, Continental Blvd!”


Chad: “What about Firecracker Hot & Spicy®?”

Carolyn: “The naming of that mix was a group effort. But the idea for the name came from the long Charrito Fritos sticks because they look like firecrackers. We created that mix when nacho flavoring was all the rage, and everyone was putting nacho flavors in everything (and by nacho I mean like the Doritos’s flavoring). Sometimes when you are making these mixes it can get really boring when everything looks the same. So when you get to use interesting looking items in a mix it makes it fun to create the mix. It really is fun to try and figure out how to mix different textural items, different sized items and different shaped items to make it not only taste good but look appealing.”


Chad: “How about Sunburst™?”

Carolyn: “Sunburst™, I think my husband actually named that one. We had an account that always bought GORP (Good Old Fashioned Raisins and Peanuts trail mix). One time we threw M&M’s in the GORP. When we did that, it was just so pretty and colorful that when we were trying to figure out what to name it, my husband said why don’t we just name it sunburst! And the name stuck.”

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