How did the snack mix get its name??

November 24, 2015

Did you ever wonder how our snack mixes get named or if there was a crazy story behind the mix creation? Well we have the answers! This interview with the Snack Mix Queen herself, owner Carolyn Bennett, and our Director of Marketing, Chad Hartman, will tell you just how our mixes are not only thought up, but created and named as well!


Chad: ” How did Sweet Caroline come about?”

Carolyn: “Sweet Caroline ®…..Well, It’s actually named after the song, not after me like everyone thinks it is. We chose this name not only because we are in North Carolina and have sweet elements, but because when you are eating this mix you read the name and most of us sing the chorus or hum to the song Sweet Caroline. And with that, your mind creates a memory or association with the mix, and that song, which will resonate with a person and invoke an emotional response to that memory or a feeling whenever they are reminds about the song or the mix.”


Chad: “Is there a story behind the name Berry Good™?”

Carolyn: “I came up with Berry Good™. I originally wanted to call it ‘Very Berry’, but I didn’t think that was a very good name because then all that you would think about while eating the mix were the berries and not the mix as a whole. So instead I used the word ‘berry’ in the place of ‘very’ so it was a play on words and that way you wouldn’t focus just on the berries in the mix, but also the other elements. Berry Good™ was the mix that we entered into the NC Taste Awards as an appetizer, and won an award for it.”



Chad: “What about Yogurt Ambrosia™, I know that it used to be called California Ambrosia?”

Carolyn: “It was a spin-off of California Mix™, but we changed the name because no one really understood what the name meant. No one really knew that the ‘Ambrosia’ part of the name was referencing the yogurt elements, and had nothing to do with California. So we just changed the name to Yogurt Ambrosia™ to make it less confusing. It really has nothing to do with California Mix, so Yogurt Ambrosia™ is more of an appropriate name.”




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