Introducing Veggie Cubes

September 13, 2017

Veggie Cubes are the newest addition to our better-for-you product offerings.

They’re a very unique product that are a bright and crunchy mix of some of your favorite vegetables. Light and airy, these cubes are vacuum-fried, non-GMO and all natural. Veggie cubes include sweet potato, squash, carrot, taro, cucumber and purple sweet potato.

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Vegetable snacks are growing at a rate of 22% yearly which is a great number compared to the 2% increase of snacks overall. Veggie Cubes are the perfect product to introduce to your customers to add this category to your offerings.

Veggie Cubes are AVAILABLE NOW in 24lb bulk and COMING SOON in Garden Chips resealable packaging.

Interested in knowing more about what vacuum-frying is? It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The vegetables are put into a machine that pressurizes and cooks them with hot oil, but at much lower temperatures than traditional frying methods. When vacuum frying, carcinogens are less present because the oil doesn’t decompose so readily at these low temperatures. During a low-heat/high-pressure fry, vegetables become very crisp.

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