Make the Spark

September 24, 2015

Sparking an impulse purchase happens so frequently, that most don’t even realize that they are making an impulsive buy. There are a few important statistics that are extremely important to keep in mind when you are displaying products to best spark an impulse buy.

  • Over 90% of people who shop today make occasional impulse purchases that they didn’t initially intend to buy.
  • The average customer will make an average of 3 unplanned purchases in 4 out of every 10 store visits they make.
  • Impulse buying is heavily influenced by the smells, sights, and sounds of a store rather than the needs a person may have.
  • Most customers make their impulse purchase based on their mood and/or their emotions.

With these few facts in mind, there are important factors that need to be taken into account to spark these types of purchases. Where products are displayed is extremely important, most impulse buys happen while waiting to pay for a purchase. Thus, making sure that the products are displayed near, or next to, the cash register is a great way to spark that sale. Making sure the products are ‘different,’ is a key factor as well. For those who are looking for healthy snacking options, having healthier snack options like snack mixes or dried fruit next to products like candy bars or potato chips gives customers an option. Along with these two ideas in mind, it is also important to make sure the products are in good condition when they are being displayed. If you offer quality products and make sure that your customers can catch a glimpse of them, they won’t be able to resist the spark of the impulse buy!

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