Marketing Your Unique Snack Mix Selection

October 8, 2014

In a previous post, we talked about the different types of snack mixes. We classified mixes into nut & fruit mixes, bar mixes, sweet snack mixes, nut & fruit PLUS, and sweet & savory mixes. An ideal retail setting will have representation from all of these categories and can benefit from selling a strong variety. Now, let’s look at selling in your unique retail setting when it comes to packaging and display.

Colleges and Universities – At many colleges and universities, snack mixes are a vital piece to the grab-n-go snack selection offered at both c-store models and cafeterias. Consider the size of the location and the traffic before choosing the proper package size and rack system. In high volume/high traffic locations with the appropriate room, put in a bulk system with either scoop bins or gravity feed system. Students will enjoy the selection and the flexibility of buying the quantity they prefer. If space is at a premium, a Grabeez® or a spinner rack are ideal. Grabeez® are a convenient grab-n-go cup with 9 snack mixes in its line-up and a smooth fitting round rack that takes up 18” of vertical floor space. A spinner rack will use 12” of vertical floor space and can be stocked with our convenient snack bags, ranging in size from 2oz to 4oz, including a full selection of snack mixes. A spinner rack can be used for our larger stand up resealable pouches, also containing a full assortment of mixes and ranging in size from 4oz to 9oz. In today’s landscape, student and educators are on the go and snack mixes have come to the forefront as a meal replacement, a healthy alternative to chips, a source of energy, and just a great on-the-go snack.

Hospitals – These cafeterias come in all shapes and sizes, but like other cafeteria formats, the patrons are looking for tasty snacks and food. In hospitals, the type of snack mix you choose to display and the location you display it is very important. For the most part, play heavily on the nut & fruit mixes and the nut & fruit PLUS mixes, to generate a feeling of a healthy snack. Display your mixes on a Grabeez® or spinner rack near the register so they are not forgotten while your patrons are constructing their traditional lunch or dinner tray. If your cafeteria is high volume/high traffic, consider a bulk rack near the drinks and chips. More often than not, a drink and a snack is a common purchase. Focus on healthy, clean looking, and convenient when marketing snack mixes at your hospital.

Business and Industry – Feeding patrons in a B&I setting creates a very captive audience and should be met with variety and quality. Each of our product lines has a place in these locations, keeping in mind that space and demographic will play an important role. For perimeter shelving, consider snack mixes in Tropical’s cube program. It is a resealable cube, perfect for snacking and returning to your desk. The packaging is clear, so your shoppers can see exactly what they are getting and it comes in an ideal size, 6oz – 9oz. In many cases our resealable stand up snack bags will also fill this feeding opportunity. If you are in a high volume/high traffic location, once again, a bulk system is ideal. It offers a great, flexible selection, along with value for the consumer and profitability for the operator. For a grab-n-go selection, you can never go wrong with a Grabeez® rack or a spinner rack full of snack bags, both taking up very little space. In your B&I setting, variety, quality and convenience will keep them coming back. It’s important to keep your snack mix selection fresh and well stocked.

“Traditional” Retail – I don’t think tradition is a great word when referring to retail these days. Each store you walk into changes constantly and consistently tries to fill the needs of its patrons, whether it is grocery, c-store or specialty retailer. When choosing your snack mix selection for this segment of retail, be unique, offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and flavors, and display them in key locations throughout the store. Snack bags near the deli as a chip replacement, Grabeez® by the fresh produce for a meal replacement, and cubes in the nut and snack section, as customers are bound to look there. Use the most of the racks as signage offered and display products with optimal visibility.

Tropical Nut & Fruit manufactures over 60 different snack mixes. These snack mixes are sold in 1.5oz bags, 25lb bulk and everything in between, including, 2-4 ounce snack bags, Grabeez® cups, stand up resealable bags and resealable cubes. We have even made a number of our mixes into energy bars. When you are choosing the right selection of snack mixes for your unique retail location, take a look at flavor, size, selection and racking system, do not limit your locations potential with snack mixes.

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