Masters Predictions

April 7, 2016

The 2016 Masters tee off today. It’s a tough year to call who will ultimately walk away with that green jacket, but the staff of have made their predictions. Read on to find out our totally unqualified thoughts on their winner picks along with our expert opinions on what Grabeez® snack mixes would be their favorites.

Masters Winners

Phil Mickelson – At 45 years old, he’s playing the best he’s played in years and the Masters have always been his favorite tournament.
Grabeez® snack mix – Mickelson would love Sunburst. Timeless, best-selling and a mix of classic trail mix ingredients with an unexpected delight of salty

Louis Oosthuizen – He’s come up short a few times, most notably in the sudden death playoff in the 2012 Masters Tournament. Often injured, but has a shot if he can stay healthy.
Grabeez® snack mix – The South African would gravitate toward Fantastix. Popular, but not usually the favorite. A mix of flavors with a lot of crunch and a small kick of spice.

Rory McIlroy – Typically predicted to win, but considered somewhat of an underdog this year. He’s looking to finish the career grand slam which could propel him to the big win.
Grabeez® snack mix – The Irish native has got all of the kick of Firecracker Hot and Spicy®. A spicy mix that can get a little fired up sometimes.

Jordan Spieth – Reigning Masters champion, but other names have more momentum. Odds are against him since only three men have successfully defended their Masters title.
Grabeez® snack mix – The 22-year-old would enjoy the all-American Banana Split®. An overachiever by nature and full of treats. A sweet mix with a little salt to keep you on your toes.

Bubba Watson – He’s a little bit under the radar this year, but looking for his third win. He’s talked about golf anxieties in recent interviews, but like Happy Gilmore, he’s managed to find his “happy place” at Augusta.
Grabeez® snack mix – Watson would reach for Wasabi Explosion®. Full of personality and flavor. An entertaining mix of textures and tastes.

Jason Day (Tropical’s Marketing Director’s personal pick)– He’s the number one golfer in the world right now, so it’s hard to bet against him. He won the last major of 2015 and is hoping to win the first of 2016.
Grabeez® snack mix – Day is the Buffalo Nuts® of golfers. Confident, bold, and original. Like the buffalo-flavored peanuts, he has a lot of different flavors to his game.

Want to find out what Grabeez® snack mix you would be? You can take our fun quiz and also learn more about the different flavors. Grabeez® are the perfect snack for the golf course whether you are competing in the Masters or enjoying your local course on a Sunday. If you would like to talk to a rep about becoming a Grabeez® retailer, you can send us a note HERE, your golfers will be happy you did!

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