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January 15, 2013

Tropical Foods manufactures premium nuts products and snack mixes, and also distributes candy and a wide assortment of dried fruits, bulk and wrapped candy and specialty foods geared toward the needs within Healthcare, Education, and Travel & Leisure channels.

Retail displays are an effective way to arrange products in direct line of view of your cliental. At Tropical Foods, we provide vendors a variety of display units perfect for their customers to purchase products. When searching for the right display unit depends on the amount of foot traffic you receive daily. If you feed fewer than 500 people per day, we recommend using our retail packaged products in your location.

Packaged products include:

is a grab n’ go resealable cup that is offered in eight varieties of nuts, snack mixes and candies.

Grabeez® are perfect for those on the go that need a quick snack. Their specialty, one-of-a-kind packaging cup fits perfectly in a car cup holder. Grabeez® display rack stand provides six shelves that hold nine cases of Grabeez® containers. If space is tight in your store we also offer a counter rack. The counter racks hold three cases of product for easy to view display at checkout.

is a line of natural snack mixes enhanced with natural ingredients; Buffalo Nuts, snack bags, resealable trays, mini bags, gift boxes or nutrition bars.

ReCharge® display racks can hold nine cases of product. If you would like to display fewer items, display boxes are available for product bags.

Depending on your amount of foot traffic, we have both resealable and single serve bags and a number of resealable containers for your customers.

If you accumulate more than 500 people per day, we recommend using our bulk retail system along with retail packaged options. You can choose from hundreds of bulk nuts & seeds, snack mixes, candy and snacks. Our vendors can choose between a traditional scoop bin display or gravity feed display.

The traditional scoop bin is available in two different sizes. You can choose between an 11 bin or 15 bin display stand.

The Bulk Gravity Rack offers a six-foot shelf allowing additional products to be displayed along with nine bulk bins.


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