New Packaging for Grab-n-Go Snacking

December 18, 2013

We’ve introduced a new line of packaging for some of our most popular snack mixes. The new stand-up resealable packaging has undergone a new design upgrade while staying true to the bold flavors of the product. The new bags will better showcase the snack mix and provide a user-friendly packaging option.

The flavors featured in the new packaging include a variety of bold, sweet and savory mixes.
Sunburst™ is Tropical’s most popular snack mix and offers a delicious blend of traditional trail mix flavors.
Diet Delight® is a natural mix full of healthy nuts and seeds.
The two boldest flavors of the bunch are Mexicali Fire® and Kickin Cajun Party Mix™. Both are full of spicy flavors and crunch.
Country Club™ and Happy Hour™ are great bar mixes sure to be a hit.
For the sweet tooth, the new bags are available in Banana Split® and Yogurt Ambrosia™ flavors. Each one as sweet and delectable as they sound.

CLICK HERE for more information on the new line.

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