Production in Full Swing

October 30, 2015

Its that time of year again, production is in full swing on a Friday.  Typically, our production teams gets their 40 hours in Monday to Thursday, but during the holidays, Fridays and even Saturdays are needed. Here are some pictures of the work getting done by our stellar production team!

Buffalo Nuts on the mixing table     peanuts falling
penuts falling     Peanuts coming off the roaster
Stacks of Sliced Almonds, one of the most popular baking ingredients during the holidays sliced almonds stacked
pumpkin seeds on sorter     Cubes of Pumpkin Seeds prior to boxing
Bulk mixes being boxed     filling boxes
almonds moving on belt     Sliced Almonds moving down the production line

Tags: almonds, buffalo nuts, dried fruit, nuts, production, roasting, tropical foods

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