Seasonal Candy & Snacks

October 11, 2017

The increased customer traffic and sales for seasonal candy & snacks are a huge opportunity for retailers. It’s important to take full advantage of this opportunity and we have some tips to help.

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Top Tips to Sell More Seasonal Candy & Snacks

Start Early

You want holiday snacks ready when shoppers are thinking about seasonal items. Offering seasonal products early always helps to shift consumers’ mindsets and keep them coming back to buy more. Halloween snacks are usually retailed in mid-August with Christmas following right after the Halloween holiday. Be careful not to start too early though since holiday fatigue can set in with consumers when the displays pop up earlier and earlier each year.

Impulse Buys

Just as important as timing, is knowing how to display seasonal items to encourage the impulse purchase. Studies have shown that at least 40% of total seasonal candy purchases are made on impulse and the primary trigger is seeing the snack featured in an aisle display. Ideal display placement has evolved over the years and most retailers are finding the most success with end of the aisle displays versus the more traditional store entrance and center store promotional areas. Typically theater-style displays placed in high-traffic areas and showcasing a variety of POS materials show the most success.

The Art of Merchandising

The design of displays also plays a major role in enticing consumers to buy. Since nostalgia is already a strong emotion associated with holiday branding, consider also building displays around regional holiday traditions or flavors. Consumers are also often shopping based around needs so one-top shop solutions are always a good idea. For holidays, that could be as easy as building a stocking-stuffer display.


Pricing is always an important piece in the puzzle and holiday items should be priced to move. With a limited shelf time, pricing is integral to driving impulse purchases.

The Right Stuff

The fall and winter holiday season is a time to indulge in flavors and foods not usually eaten at other times of the year. Candy and snacks should reinforce this idea and the uniqueness of the holiday season. The right products and a wide variety are keys to sales success. Consumers come to seek out and look forward to certain holiday candies and snacks. It’s ideal to have a mix of these classic holiday snacks along with new, emerging options.

As holiday planning is always about looking ahead, we are now pre-booking for Valentine & Easter snacks so ORDER ONLINE now!

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