Shake Up the Usual Ice Cream Toppings

July 8, 2015

Summer brings with it ice cream treats to cool you down, as temperatures are on the rise. Ice cream is a staple dessert in almost every summertime activity. There are many items from Tropical Foods that you can provide your customers to top their favorite ice cream treat!

Nuts: Nuts are a terrific ice cream topping that will add crunch with every spoonful of frozen treat that is being consumed. For a high crunch factor, almonds or pecans are a delicious topper; for an added sweet factor, praline pecans or honey roasted almonds are the way to go. If your customers want to take a walk on the adventurous side while they enjoy their ice cream, our signature Buffalo Nuts® will take anyone’s taste buds for a wild, spicy and sweet ride.

Dried Fruit: Dried fruit can enhance the flavor profile of any ice cream. Tart cherries or cranberries give the perfect sour flavor to mix with your favorite flavor. For a tropical touch, banana chips, pineapple pieces, or coconut flakes are an impeccable topping choice.

Other ice cream topping options: If dried fruit or nuts aren’t what your customers are looking for, Tropical Foods has many “traditional” topping options as well. Mini Reese’s pieces will give any ice cream treat a peanut butter flavor in every bite. Mini M&M’s are a fantastic option for those who want the crunchy sweet taste of chocolate. Other great toppings are chopped Butterfingers, Snickers, Twix, or Kit Kat; also crushed Oreo cookies or sprinkles (assorted colors and chocolate) are always a marvelous choice as well.

With these and so many other ice cream toppings offered from Tropical Foods, you can offer your customers a wide range of options to create their perfect ice cream treat!

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