Snack on the Spicy Side!

May 11, 2015

The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner! With the temperatures on the rise, snacker’s palates are craving spicier snacks and bolder spice profiles. At Tropical Foods, we have snack mixes that range from VERY spicy, to a more mild for those who just want to munch on a light spicy mix. Our spiciest snack mixes contain many different elements to create a versatile profile; one of the most popular hot mixes is South of the Border® snack mix. This snack mix gets its heat from a mixture of jalapeno cheddar sticks, chili lemon rounds, and salsa triangles. With these spicy elements, roasted and salted redskin peanuts and roasted and salted pumpkin seeds balance out this spicy mix. For those who don’t want as much of a spice packed snacks, but still want to kick in their snack mix, Mango Tango™ is the perfect choice. Mango Tango™is one of our most unique snack mixes with a mixture of roasted and salted cashews, coconut toffee peanuts, mango chunks, pumpkin seeds and chili & lime noodles, which is where the heat component in this snack mix comes from.  Other spicy snack mixes that can satisfy any spicy snack craving; such as Wild About Wasabi® snack mix, which features wasabi covered peas and cashews, or Cajun Harvest™ snack mix, a mixture of charrito fritos as well as Cajun seasoning. No matter if your customers want a big kick of heat, or just a slight nudge in their snack mixes, offering them snack mixes from Tropical Foods will be sure to satisfy anyone craving!

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