Snacking in the Travel & Leisure Industry

April 11, 2016

The travel & leisure industry is constantly evolving, especially with the current emerging millennial market and their increased travel schedules. At the Hotel Experience trade show a few month ago, there was a session called “Outside the Box: F&B Trends in Lifestyle Hotels” that discussed the new rules in the changing landscape for this industry. Some of the most interesting  new rules included:

  • Hotels are moving away from being restaurant-centric to bar-centric – places where guests can network and enjoy creative cocktails and craft beers.
  • Hotels are becoming early adopters for food and beverage trends, although they have to be careful because it’s harder to change the culture of a hotel brand than that of a restaurant.
  • Guests are mobile, hitting the grab-and-go to get food for the room or for the plane ride.
  • Hotel dining is all about snacking, grazing, and sampling – social dining that caters to specific diets.

You can read more about the session HERE.

Tropical Foods is a partner for travel and leisure, providing custom snack mixes, bulk nuts, and candy. These are the top 10 products Tropical provides for their customers in this industry:

  1. Perfectly Fit – bulk
  2. Peanuts, In-Shell – 8 oz. bags
  3. Sweet Heat – bulk
  4. M&M’s, Plain – bulk
  5. Almonds, Blanched Sliced – bulk
  6. Snickers candy bars
  7. Mixed Nuts Deluxe, roasted/salted – bulk
  8. Happy Hour Mix – bulk
  9. Pecan Halves – bulk
  10. Jelly Belly Assorted – bulk

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