Sustainability: Buying Bulk

March 13, 2019

We have been manufacturing fresh, high-quality snack mixes for 40+ years. With over 60 unique mixes that are blended fresh daily, there is a perfect snack mix for every business. Bulk can be a very profitable (40-50% profit margins!) way to sell trail mixes, seeds, dried fruits, grains, granola, candies and snacks. Those savings are also passed on to the end customer, saving them on average 60-80% on the cost of buying the same item prepackaged.

Bulk food is not only price-conscious though, it’s also a very sustainable way to snack.

Long a staple of natural and organic food stores, bulk foods are becoming a featured part of conventional grocery stores and a variety of other retail channels like hotels, universities and corporate cafeterias. Waste free grocery shopping allows for a more sustainable buying experience.

Why Buying Bulk is More Sustainable:

  • One of the biggest sustainability benefits of buying bulk is reducing the amount of product packaging going into landfills.


  • Food and packaging together account for almost 45 percent of American landfills.


  • A big part of these landfills is disposable plastic -about 33 % of plastic produced is used only once and tossed away. Only a small fraction of that plastic is recycled.


  • According to research, if Americans purchased all of their almonds in bulk for one year, 72 million pounds of waste would be saved from a landfill.


  • The transportation of bulk product to retailers is efficient because it can be packed more densely on a truck needing less total transportation and easing the burden of CO2 emissions.


  • Bulk food typically relies on dried nuts and fruit, and whole grains, all of which are minimally processed and have a low carbon footprint compared to other popular snacking items.


  • One of the main reasons consumers shop the bulk foods aisle is for the ability to buy the exact quantity needed. As a result, consumers said bulk items were less likely than packaged items to be thrown away, which results in less food waste.


  • Many locations will allow consumers to fill their own personal jars and containers when you come in store, which is a good thing for the customer and the planet. They are able to only buy the amount of food they need which saves money.


Top 3 Merchandising Tips for Bulk:

  • Group products logically by category, alternating color and texture as much as possible
  • Whenever possible, place snack items in a high visibility area
  • Provide labeling that is colorful, uniform and informative


Interested in what bulk items are the best sellers? A list of our 2018 Best Selling Snacks showcases our best selling products in each industry with bulk snacks being found on a majority of the Top 10 lists.

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