The Most Popular Nuts

December 29, 2014

The popularity of nuts can be affected by many different factors.  Almonds became very popular years ago as we were made aware of their many healthy attributes, but as prices continued to rise, Almonds were replaced in many cases.  Pecans have always been a popular baking nut, and in many cases can’t be replaced (ie. Pecan Pie), but over the years, there have been struggles with supply and, of course, prices have risen, many bakers are replaced Pecans with Walnuts.  Even Peanuts were hurt by drought a few years back and prices rose.

As healthy initiatives continue to drive up popularity among nuts, many factors move the market every which way; drought conditions, growing world consumption, overly wet conditions, transportation costs and real estate costs all have an affect on supply and demand and ultimately popularity.

Taking into consideration everything that has been thrown at NUTS, they continue to gain in popularity.  Here are our customers top selling nuts in 2014:

1. Walnuts (combination halves and pieces)
2. Pecan Pieces
3. Peanuts, In-Shell
4. Pecan Halves
5. Raw Almonds
6. Mixed Nuts w/ Peanuts, Roasted & Salted
7. Mixed Nuts Deluxe, Roasted & Salted
8. Cashews, Roasted & Salted
9. Praline Pecans
10 Pistachios

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