The Original Snack Mixes

September 10, 2015

“We try to make mixes that resonate with the customers, so when you are eating it you should get a ‘feel’ for what you are eating and the flavor profiles.”

Diet Delight®, California Mix™, and Fiber First® were the original 3 snack mixes that were create at Tropical Foods. Recently we sat down with the Snack Mix Queen herself, Carolyn Bennett, Owner of Tropical Foods. She shared with us how these 3 snack mixes changed and evolved:

Carolyn: “California Mix™ is called California Mix™  because most of the components in the mix are California products, and it was created at a time when trail mixes were  just starting to take off, and my father and his partner came up with this mix. It has 13 ingredients. It was called California TA originally because it had Turkish Apricots added to it as well.”
                Chad: “We took that off the name a while ago, was there a reason why we took the TA off the end of the name?”

Carolyn: “It was because most people didn’t know what it stood for, and the only reason it was on there in the first place was that we wanted people to know that they weren’t California Apricots, they were Turkish Apricots.”

Carolyn:Diet Delight® was given its name because it was the no salt added trail mix, during the whole ‘no salt fad’.”
                Chad “Those were original, those two were two of the original mixes?”

Carolyn:Yes, those were 2 of the original ones, and there is a 3rd one as well.”

Carolyn:Bazaar Mix (which is now called Fiber First®) was called Bazaar Mix because there was a lot of dates in it from Pakistan. And that reminded my father of the spice merchants and the different fairs and bazaars over in places like Pakistan, where people go to do their shopping so that is how it got its name.”


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