The Packaging Makes the Difference

October 22, 2014

There are a lot of different things that contribute to peoples’ snack choices. Even before taste, packaging is often one of the biggest deciding factors when purchasing snacks. Good packaging is eye-catching and displays what the product inside looks like. Packaging should be convenient and work with the customer’s busy lifestyle. Tropical Foods packaging is designed so that customers can clearly see what the snack looks like and entices people to taste. Packaging is created with ease in mind and each option is specially designed to that target customer. Some of our most popular packaging includes:

grabeez stacked

Grabeez® is a re-sealable cup that is offered in twelve varieties of nuts, snack mixes and candies. Designed to provide healthier snacking options in on-the-go portable packaging, Grabeez® is a popular choice for school lunches, afternoon snacks, and weekend trips. Grabeez® offers a complete line of grab-and-go products with bold flavors such as Buffalo Nuts®, Mexicali Fire™, and Wasabi Explosion. The snack cups also feature popular selections such as snack mixes Diet Delight®, Fantastix, Sunburst™, Banana Split and candies Mini Yogurt Pretzels, Mini Chocolate Pretzels, Sour Neon Worms and Fruit Slices, and Gummy Bears.

sm-trop-sur-bagsSUR Bags
Tropical’s stand-up resealable (SUR) bags are perfect for any retail location. The SUR bags showcase the snack mix selections with a user friendly packaging option. In addition to a beautiful design, these bags are perfect for store shelves, withstanding the normal wear and tear to maintain their shape. Choose from Mango Tango™, Sienna Cream Crunch™, PB&J Mix®, Sweet Heat™ and Cajun Harvest™ in the 4-5oz selection. Banana Split®, Sunburst™, Country Club™, Diet Delight®, Happy Hour™, Kickin Cajun Party Mix™ and Mexicali Fire® make up a 6-6.5oz variety. A few all-time favorites make up the 8.5-9oz selection: Sunburst™, Yogurt Ambrosia™ and Diet Delight®.

Dip and Devour Stacked
Dip & Devour

Dip & Devour and Peanut Butter Melts are designed to give the customer the ideal dipping experience. Many dipping products in the retail market are packaged in flimsy containers, melt inconsistently and are difficult to work with. The Dip & Devour packaging allows the product to melt easily since the container is microwaveable and never gets too hot to handle. The slightly rounded container allows for smooth and easy handling while dipping. Even the size was designed with the customer in mind as one 6 oz. container is perfect for one pound of strawberries.


buffalo_nut_spicy_6pkSnack Bags and Mini Snack Bags
Tropical offers a selection of 34 different Snack Bags. There are 16 varieties of snack mixes along with selections of candy, snacks, dried fruit and nuts. The packaging offers great product visibility and addresses grab ‘n go trends in the snack food industry. All of the varieties contain 0g of Trans Fat and 0g Cholesterol.
The Mini Snack Bags were designed for those seeking a portion controlled snack that would offer an energy boost. Tropical’s Mini Bags also have lower sodium and more protein than typical snack foods. The 1.5 oz. Mini Bags are available in Sunbust™, Yogurt Ambrosia™, Mexicali Fire®, Gold Nugget Crunch, and Mixed Nuts with Peanuts.

Find out more about Tropical’s packaging options by visiting our Products page. We’d also love to hear from you with any feedback or suggestions about packaging.

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