Top 10 Places for Snacks on the Fly

January 22, 2015

Everyone is busy these days with barely enough time to think about grabbing a snack on their way out for the day. Luckily Tropical Foods signature snack filled cups, Grabeez®, are not only portable and convenient, but also filled with delicious snacks. Our newest additions to the Grabeez® line: Sweet Caroline®, The Big Cheese®, and Firecracker Hot & Spicy®, offer the perfect snack for those who have a sweet tooth, someone who wants a savory, crunchy snack, or those who prefer a spicier snack. These portable snacks are perfect for so many different occasions since you can easily grab your favorite flavor and reseal the lid for multiple snacking excursions. Here are our favorite Top 10 Places for Snacks on the Fly:

1. Sporting Event
From your favorite professional sports team to your kid’s little league game, snacks are a must. Cheer on your favorite team with your favorite Grabeez® in hand. We suggest Buffalo Nuts® paired with a cold one.

2. Beach Day
Days spent at the beach can be some of the most fun days ever, but they can also be exhausting. After lugging all of the beach chairs, toys, and cooler down to your beach spot, you might be too tired to head back for lunch. Banana Split Grabeez® screams summer and you can just reseal the lid until you’re ready to snack again.

3. Hiking
Any physical activity from hiking to biking to running will work up a sweat and you’ll need to refuel. Grab a Diet Delight Grabeez® for a healthy snack of nuts and seeds to boost your energy and stamina.

4. Airplane
Sometimes the airplane peanuts just don’t cut it. When you want a burst of flavor, choose one of our bold Grabeez® like Wasabi Explosion or Mexicali Fire.

5. Road Trip
Snacks on road trips are a necessity. Grabeez® are the perfect choice to grab-n-go since there is a flavor for everyone. Grab some Gummy Bears for the kids and Sunburst for the grown-ups.

6. Golf Outing
Throw some Sweet Caroline Grabeez® into your golf cart the next time you’re out on the course. You might even see your golf game improve a few strokes!

7. Picnic
Along with your picnic lunch, pack a few Grabeez® to share. Add some to your salads or enjoy on their own.

8. Theme Park
If your local amusement park allows you to bring food in, Sunburst Grabeez® are the obvious choice. Throw a few in your bag and enjoy while you’re waiting in endless lines.

9. Shopping
Shopping can be an all-day event and there’s nothing worse than being hangry (hungry + angry) when you have items to check off your list. Bring along a Fantastix Grabeez® and grab a handful when you need a pick-me-up.

10. Work
When 3pm hits, everyone tends to zone out and needs a snack to finish the day strong. Keep a few Grabeez® at your desk and reach for a snack when you need to refresh.

Check out the full list of Grabeez® flavors and let us know where you bring your snacks on the fly.


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