Top 10 Snacks for the Road

August 28, 2013

Road trips are an American classic. There’s nothing but the open road and new destinations ahead of you. Luckily, we are approaching one of the biggest summer road trip holidays of the year: Labor Day. While traveling with family and friends, snacks are a necessary ingredient to the perfect road trip. Read on as we list our favorite snacks the whole car will love.

Top 10 Road Trip Snacks:

1.     Sunburst Trail Mix. The classic trail mix that is synonymous with road trips. Sunburst is a mix of raisins, peanuts, almonds, and candy that will satisfy all of your taste buds.

2.     ReCharge Bars. Bars are the easiest snack for on the go.  They will stay fresh and are the perfect bite when you need a little energy and pick-me-up. With four flavors to choose from, everyone can choose their favorite ReCharge Bar.

3.     Yogurt Pretzels. The ideal mix of salty and sweet, yogurt pretzels will appeal to all ages. Available in Grabeez packaging, they can be easily resealed and saved for later.

4.     Sweet Heat Snack Mix.  One of the boldest of the snack mixes, Sweet Heat will give a kick of spice followed by sweet. Available in Stand Up Resealable bags, the whole family can fill up on this popular snack mix.

5.     Dried Fruit. Instead of reaching for a candy bar, choose dried fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. Apricots, cherries, pineapples and many others are available to choose from.  They’re easy to grab and delicious on a hot summer day.

6.     Garden Chips. Vegetables are filled with healthy vitamins and nutrients. Garden Chips make eating vegetables easier on the go and offer a crisp bite of flavors. Healthier than potato chips, but just as tasty.

7.    Sour Gummy Worms. These gummy worms are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious sour bite. Available in Grabeez packaging, they are resealable for ultimate freshness.

8.     ReCharge Mix. A flavorful mix that is all natural and delicious. Choose from various ReCharge flavors full of nutritious ingredients that will leave you feeling energized.

9.     Buffalo Nuts. One of the most unique flavors around. When you are craving buffalo wings, but stuck in a long car ride, Buffalo Nuts are the perfect option. Peanuts with a buffalo wing flavor, with none of the mess.

10.  Raw Pumpkin Seeds.  Seeds are filled with good fats and nutrients for your body. Try pumpkin seeds for a crunchy and light snack. They’ll have you daydreaming about autumn road trips in your future.


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