Top 10 Snack Bags at Colleges and Universities

December 12, 2014

Tropical Foods’ Snack Bags are a popular product purchased and used in many different application in the Education channel. For Colleges and Universities, snack bags are a healthy snack options for students and staff, can also be sold at concession stands, or used as take away in catered events. For primary schools, Tropical’s snack bags are the perfect healthy snack for younger students and are a great teaching tool to instill healthy eating habits, they also serve as a great midday snack for staff and faculty. Here is a look at the top 10 snack bags, see if your favorite made the cut:

  1. Almonds, Whole, 3oz
  2. Hi Energy, 3.5oz
  3. California Mix, 3oz
  4. Sunburst, 3.5oz
  5. Chocolate Peanuts, 4oz
  6. Deluxe Mixed Nuts, R/S, 3.5oz
  7. Cashews, Whole, R/S, 2.25oz
  8. Chocolate Raisins, 4oz
  9. Diet Delight, 3.5oz
  10. Yogurt Raisins, 4oz

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