Tropical Foods Acquires New Location in Orlando

December 6, 2010

Tropical Foods has successfully acquired its “sister” company located in Orlando, Florida.

With the acquisition, Tropical Foods has expanded its business model to the entire state of Florida as well as new areas in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana along the gulf coast.

“We wanted to take a big, proactive step to strengthen and provide a more secure future for our company,” said John Bauer, President/CEO of Tropical Foods. “We are instantly a 35% bigger company due to this acquisition and we plan to do even better in the expanding markets we serve.”

With Orlando’s processes, product lines, and philosophies so similar to Tropical Foods, the teams of both companies will be working together to successfully evolve into one company. Orlando also offers new business opportunities with cruise lines, theme parks and chain restaurants, and will add to Tropical’s current customer base of grocery stores, hospitals, colleges, hotels, contract feeders and airlines.

Tropical Foods plans to continually strive to build a stronger company through meaningful growth. The Orlando acquisition sets the tone for this type of visionary, aggressive approach.

In addition to the corporate facility in Charlotte, Tropical has sales office/distribution centers in Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis and Washington DC. These locations can ship to anywhere in the U.S.

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