Favorite Tropical Memories

February 9, 2021

As a second-generation owner, Carolyn Bennett started at Tropical 37 years ago. We asked her to share some of her favorite memories on her Tropical anniversary:

“I think working with my parents for 25+ years is one glorious, blurred memory. Now you might call it mentoring, but to me it was just working with my mom and dad for the common goal of Tropical, our employees, our customers, and our profitability. We were family, co workers and friends to each other.”

“Breaking ground on the new building. I remember it was windy that day. Like the seeds of change were coming. There is a picture of it with a lot of people who grew up with Tropical and were important to our growth to where we are today.”

“Remembering our roots. My parents were humble people. They did not believe in hype. Like my dad would say, “what does that ( name any kind of situation) have to do with selling a box of Spanish Peanuts. You will hear this statement thrown out once and awhile, even though you might not have known what it meant. My dad was also famous for saying, “You get to keep your job another day” after an accomplishment. He was not one for resting on your laurels and wanted you to get back to business rather than savior in your glory.

One thing that tends to get overlooked or unspoken is my mom’s contribution to the company. She was the quiet, unseen force behind my dad. He would not have accomplished all he had or wanted in this life without her. She was his rock. He said the day she agreed to marry him was the biggest sale of his life!!”

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