US Snack Consumption Infographic

September 17, 2014

American’s are hyper-mobile and snack foods are a mainstay of their on-the-go lifestyle. Here’s some interesting statistics about US snack consumption:

snack consumption infograph for US consumers

US consumers are expected to spend $42 billion on sweet and savory snacks in 2014

Snacking on the go rose 5% in 2009

Over 89% of US snacks

From 2010 to 2014, there was a 24% decrease in people snacking twice a day or fewer and a 30% increase in people snacking 3+ times a day

68% of people snack in the afternoon- 3:00 pm is the most popular time for snacking

66% of people snack because of emotional attachment

94% of Americans agree snacking can be healthy yet only 65% actively try to snack in a healthy manner



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