What is the best-selling Tropical product in your industry?

November 8, 2013

Interested in what Tropical products are selling best in your industry? Take a look below at Tropical’s top-selling branded products and learn how you can add them to your mix.


  1. Grabeez®
    (Grabeez® dominates the Healthcare industry, with the top 12 spots. Below are the next best-selling products)
  2. ReCharge® Mixes
  3. Tropical Snack Bags
  4. Garden Chips™
  5. Tropical Stand-Up Resealable Bags (SUR)

Business & Industry

  1. Grabeez® Diet Delight®
  2. Grabeez® Sunburst
  3. Grabeez® Yogurt Pretzels
  4. Grabeez® Chocolate Pretzels
  5. Raw Almonds, 3oz Tropical Snack Bag

Other Retail

  1. Grabeez® Sunburst
  2. Grabeez® Mexicali Fire
  3. ReCharge® Super Charged Cranberry Blend, 4oz SUR bag
  4. ReCharge® Dark Chocolate Energy Boost, 4oz SUR bag
  5. Buffalo Nuts® SUR bag


  1. Grabeez® Yogurt Pretzels
  2. Grabeez® Diet Delight®
  3. Grabeez® Sour Neon Worms
  4. Cashews, 2.25oz Tropical Snack Bag
  5. Mango Tango™, 4.5oz SUR bag

Travel & Leisure:

  1. Grabeez® Sunburst
  2. Hi Energy Mix, 3.5oz Tropical Snack Bag
  3. Mixed Nuts w/ Peanuts, 3oz Tropical Snack Bag
  4. Mixed Nuts w/ Peanuts, 1.5oz Tropical Mini Bag
  5. Grabeez® Diet Delight


  1. Banana Chips, 6oz Tropical Stand Up Resealable Bag
  2. Pumpkin Seeds, R/S, 8.5oz Tropical Cube
  3. Walnut Halves & Pieces, 7oz Tropical Cube
  4. Pine Nuts, 4oz Tropical Snack Bag
  5. Dip & Devour, Milk, 6oz

Overall Best-Selling Tropical Branded Products:

  1. Grabeez® Diet Delight®
  2. Grabeez® Sunburst
  3. Grabeez® Yogurt Mini Pretzels
  4. Banana Chips, 6oz Tropical Stand Up Resealable Bag
  5. Grabeez® Gummy Bears

Contact your Tropical Sales Rep HERE to add these items to your product offerings.

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