What’s In a Mix?

August 19, 2015

What’s In A Mix?

At Tropical Foods we take pride in our snack mixes. We not only roast and spice nuts, but we also hand blend our snack mixes. Hand blending mixes and roasting nuts in our facility reassures our customers that they are getting the highest quality snack around.

So do you know exactly what goes into our snack mixes? Here is an inforgraphic breakdown of the ingredients that go into making California MixCalifornia Mix ™ is a traditional nut and fruit snack mix. With a delicious combination of dried fruits and crunchy nuts ,  each bite of this snack mix is a different yet delightful sweet, crunchy and chewy mouthful! California Mix ™   is available in bulk, as well as Snack Bags and Resealable Cubes.

cali mix tf infographic resized


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