What’s Selling Well at Coffee Shops

July 10, 2019

Tropical Foods is a snack partner to a wide variety of retail. With more and more coffee shops popping up every day, snacks are an important piece of your retail offerings.

Coffee shops have a unique customer base to capture with add-on sales. There is almost always a line to order and ample opportunity to add snacks onto each coffee sale.

Bulk is a big seller for our coffee shop customers. It’s a profitable way for you to save by buying in bulk and then repackaging the snacks yourself with your own brand.

Tropical’s current top 15 selling snacks for coffee shops are:

  1. Espresso Blend Coffee Beans, 5lb bulk
  2. Ground Chocolate, 30lb bulk
  3. Sweet & Salty, 25lb bulk
  4. Dark Chocolate Almonds, 25lb bulk
  5. Mars Madness, 20lb bulk
  6. Ah! Soy, 25lb bulk
  7. Mixed Nuts with Peanuts, 25lb bulk
  8. The Big Cheese, 25lb bulk
  9. Natural Almonds, 25lb bulk
  10. Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans, 10lb bulk
  11. Mini Yogurt Pretzels, 17lb bulk
  12. Chocolate Blueberries, 5lb bulk
  13. Trail Mix, 25lb bulk
  14. Cashews, 25lb bulk
  15. Moonburst, 10lb bulk

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