Where did that snack mix name come from?

November 3, 2015

There are many more stories about how our snack mixes were named. Here are a few more stories from Carolyn Bennett about just how a few of our snack mixes got their names.



What about the Artisan Creation mixes, like Kona Coffee Krunch™ , Wild about Wasabi® and PB&J Mix®?


We created the PB&J Mix® because we got a jelly flavored seasoning sample that we used in just that mix.

Wild about Wasabi®, I created that mix at a time when I was very interested in all things Wasabi flavors. We were already using wasabi peas in other mixes and selling them on their own. I knew that if we could season one of the nuts with that same type of seasoning, it would be really good. So I just kept on thinking what would be good with a wasabi coating. Then it came to me; a lot of Asian dishes, use cashews. So I had them season up some cashews with the wasabi seasoning, and they were awesome! The flavor was good, and I wanted to use them in a simple snack mix with the wasabi being the focal point. But, I thought a mix with just wasabi peas and wasabi cashews was just too boring. So the last thing to be added to the mix was a neutral item, almonds. I just called it Wild about Wasabi because I wanted the name be simple and describe exactly what the mix was going to taste like.

The Kona Coffee Krunch™ was similar to the way PB&J was created. Someone sent us a coffee flavored spice sample and we wanted to feature the coffee flavors so we paired the seasoning with pecans and added a few other fruit elements to it.

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